What Job Skills To Include On Your Resume

Hard grey and orange wall with text written note HARD SKILLS (teachable and measurable abilities such as writing, or computer) contrast to SOFT SKILLS (traits of good employee such as  communication)

Have you ever wondered what skills to put on a resume? Today might be your lucky day to learn a few tips from the HR Digest. Skills are a vital part of the job evaluation process. An employer will decide on which candidates to interview based on how relevant the skills on their resumes are to the job.

For this reason, job applicants will need to ensure that they know what skills to add to a resume before submitting theirs. A resume is a document that speaks for you even when you are not in the room, and that’s why it needs to be written well.

In this article, we explore the difference between soft skills vs hard skills and how to strike a balance. We also look at how to list skills on a resume and some very important skills to put on a resume if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

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