The Susquehanna Workforce Network recruits and trains workforce talent at all skill and education levels and responds quickly and effectively to the rapidly changing needs of your business

Tap into Our Network of Experts

Maryland businesses invest substantial money each year in recruiting and training their employees. Let the Susquehanna Workforce Network do the work for you. We recruit and train workforce talent at all skill and education levels and respond quickly and effectively to the rapidly changing needs of your business. 

Tapping into our network of experts:

  1. Increases your pool of qualified candidates
  2. Saves time and money with our employment and training tools, services and resources
  3. Gets you access to expert advice and information you need to have a competitive advantage

Get to know our experienced Business Services Representatives, an extensive network of workforce experts ready to serve Maryland businesses.

Post Jobs

The Maryland Workforce Exchange is a secure jobs database used by SWN to help business attract its workforce. The database contains spider technology that reaches a broad candidate pool. Businesses throughout Maryland can post their jobs free of charge. Our Business Service Representatives will assist businesses with their job postings. This site also assists with candidate selection, education and training opportunities, job market trends, and workforce center information. Visit the Maryland Workforce Exchange to post job openings now.

Recruiting & Hiring

SWN sponsors multiple workforce attraction activities, in addition to job postings on the Maryland Workforce Exchange, that assist the business community in meeting their workforce needs. Business Service Representatives are available to arrange company-specific recruitments through one of our three workforce centers. Additionally, multiple job fairs are held throughout the year. including industry-specific job fairs and others that target general industries or specific population segments. Click here for upcoming job fairs, or contact one of our Business Services Representatives for more information.

Downsizing Strategies

SWN offers many services to help workers and businesses deal with the effects of layoffs, business closures and downsizing. Services known as Rapid Response are proactive, business-focused, and flexible strategies designed to respond to layoffs and closings by quickly coordinating services and providing immediate aid to companies and their affected workers.

Read more about downsizing strategies

Employee Training

SWN can connect you with the Susquehanna Works program, a training grant program that supports employer strategies by upgrading the skills of incumbent workers, as well as with On-the-Job-Training, or OJT. OJT funds are used to reimburses businesses  for the costs associated with skills upgrade training and the loss of production for newly hired employees.

Susquehanna Works
On-the-Job Training (OJT)