Success Stories

The work the Susquehanna Workforce Network and our partners do improves lives. Celebrate the successes with us and be sure to share them with anyone who may need to hear them, too.

Laid-off truck driver reinvents himself as IT specialist

The Challenge: V was laid off from his position as a truck driver.  His goal was to change careers so that he could be home with his family every night vs. going over-the-road for days at a time.  He also had to earn a comparable wage in order to support his wife and two children. 

The Solution: V took a Traitify assessment to discover occupations that would be a good fit based on his personality and preferences.  Several occupations in the IT field came up as high probabilities for success.  V qualified for the highly competitive specialized IT Cyber Security program at Harford Community College. 

The Outcome: V successfully passed all three certification exams through CompTIA and is now a certified CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist and is employed by a Federal Contractor at Aberdeen Proving Ground and is doing well. 

What V says about his SWN experience: I’m so excited to be a part of the success and I couldn’t have done it without all of your help.

*Note: We have withheld names to protect the privacy of the customers we serve

SWN successfully prepares laid-off parent of 3 for the job search

The Challenge: One SWN customer, who has three children, was laid off from a health technology company. The company had lost a major contract and had to downsize. The customer learned about the workforce center via unemployment and met with Clara, who helped the customer with the job search.

The Solution: Clara helped build the customer’s confidence, by providing coaching that prepared them to get back into the world of work. The customer attended a resume workshop; received coaching on how to interview; completed an Interviewstream; participated in an interview seminar and mock interviews; and was given a booklet with 100 hundred interview questions.

The Outcome: The customer had confidence and skills going into the job search and went on four or five interviews. The customer started a new career with the state of Maryland in April 2020!

What the customer says about his SWN experience: No matter how grim the situation appears, don’t give up on yourself.