Learn how the Susquehanna Workforce Network works with its many partners to achieve successful workforce development outcomes for all

Innovative Workforce Partnerships

The Susquehanna Workforce Network makes investments in workforce training and education initiatives so our regional job seekers can compete in the New Economy. We are intricately linked with our education system through many special initiatives and connect educators with regional employers in our critical high growth sectors so they can be market-responsive in designing curriculum and programs for students.

 As an economic developer, achieving success with this mission is directly impacted by the ability of our regional workforce stakeholders to find effective and innovative solutions to our workforce challenges. 

SWN makes investments to solve the critical workforce issues businesses and workers face in our region. We focus on increasing the skills of all workers to improve their economic security and better meet the needs of businesses. We connect business and workers with education and economic development opportunities to produce the skilled workforce necessary for the region to compete in the New Economy. We work with our many valued partners to achieve a successful outcome for all.

Our Partners
Industry Collaborators
Education Collaborators
Economic Development Collaborators
Community Collaborators