Up Your Career Skills With Social Media – Here’s How

Woman using mobile phone for checking social media and success of business.

Social media is an important tool for connecting people and growing connections, both personally and professionally. For Gen Z workers looking to grow their careers, it can be the starting point to landing their dream job. Forbes reports that for each extra salary dollar, it’s 2 per cent more likely that the role will be filled via social media. And finding a job via social media isn’t the only benefit — networking, learning new skills and building a like-minded network are among some of the other ways that savvy social media users are levelling up their professional lives.

To learn more about the top tips for integrating social media into your career development journey, we spoke with Sam DeMase (@apowermood), a career confidence coach and TikTok creator and soon-to-be published author. Through her online courses, videos and resources, Sam aims to help people (particularly marginalized folks) hack the corporate system. Read on for her tips for how you too can start corporate hacking your way to a better, more fulfilling career.

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