Tips for a Successful Job Fair

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TIP #1:  Dress professionally!  Consider this your first opportunity to make a good impression.

TIP #2:  Walk up to the employers table or booth.  Make eye contact with the recruiter, smile and say hello.  Offer your handshake and introduce yourself.

TIP #3:  Deliver your 15-second “sales pitch”.

  • Mention your occupation or the job you want
  • Give your experience, skills, and accomplishments
  • Explain what make you different; in a positive way

TIP #4:   Research the company in advance.  Susquehanna Workforce Centers have list of the businesses and jobs that they have open. Ask about career opportunities for your occupation at that company.

TIP #5:  Answer the recruiter’s questions and ask a few follow-ups of your own. 

  • Know some appropriate questions to ask.

TIP #6:  Tell the recruiter that you would like to apply for a position, if not done in advance.

TIP #7:  Offer the recruiter a copy of your resume and ask if they when they will be hiring.  Susquehanna Workforce Center Employment Specialists can assist with resume review.

TIP #8:   Ask how you can schedule a job interview.

TIP #9:  Thank the recruiter, smile and offer your handshake.

TIP #10:  Follow-up. Could be an email, personal note, call.

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