Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

By: Jessica Fessler

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Supply Chain Issues = Career Opportunities

Two years ago “The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020” shed light on our supply chain in ways most of us had not experienced. The obvious items came up short first- toilet paper, medical supplies and canned goods. Panic buying initially contributed to a fair share of these shortages. Now, two years later our supply chain is in disarray with shortages across industries.

So, what do empty shelves and hard to find items have to do with your career?

Opportunity lies within manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management for critical thinkers looking to break into an industry projected to grow 30% by 2030 (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Entry level positions are typically located within the production and transportation sectors of supply chain management. In other words, a great way to break into supply chain management is through trucking and warehousing positions.

These positions typically require little to no experience. Some positions however, do require certifications. A detailed list of entry level positions can be found here . Susquehanna Workforce Network provides no-cost training opportunities for those looking to break into manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management.

Courtesy of Susquehanna Workforce Innovation Partnership

In the supply chain, nothing happens in a straight line. The flexibility of supply chain management career paths and day-to-day responsibilities opens opportunities across many different functions. More opportunities are available to those willing to pursue a four year degree. Some mid-level management positions require a bachelor’s degree.

According to David Litterello, Director of Workforce Development for Harford Community College, “There’s a lot more to supply chain management than picking and packing”. Mid-level management positions look for candidates who have “knowledge of warehousing strategies relative to the supply chain” and who have “understanding of how warehousing plays a role in overall company strategy”.  

For additional industry information, wage information and open positions, contact your local workforce center.

Goal Crushing Strategies for your Job Search

Goal Crushing Strategies for your Job Search

How to Visualize and Manifest a Successful Career by Setting Achievable Goals

By: Jessica Fessler

I wasn’t always a goal setter. I never understood the difference between having goals and setting them into motion. It took until my late 20’s to realize the value in setting realistic expectations.

Consistently, I would set large goals, “The End Goal” and would leave feeling empty when I failed to achieve them. It wasn’t until COVID-19 that I was able to take a step back and understand the science behind breaking down my goals into smaller, more satisfying milestones. It was then that I began to see my success.

But what do you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed or rushed?

Here are my 3 key goal-setting tips for you to keep in mind when CRUSHING your goals:

Mini Vs. Massive

An achievers mind-set is always focused on the big picture, but it’s important to remember that even big goals, start out small. Setting smaller, easily attainable goals within your overall plan helps keep you on track. It’s easy to forget that forward motion is forward motion. While it can feel like a sprint to the finish-line, it is important to keep in mind that crushing your goals means preparing for a marathon.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Tracking your progress helps you visualize how far you’ve come. This might seem trivial if you’re just starting out, but sometimes the first step is the hardest. Goal tracking apps like Strides allow you to organize and customize what you track, best of all its FREE! If you prefer something tangible, vision boards are a great way to keep your goals front and center.

Surround Yourself with Support

Find groups within your community who share your goals. Sometimes friends and family don’t offer the support you’re looking for. Support from those in a similar position as you can be motivating on days when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Networking events are a great opportunity to find like-minded individuals. Virtual happy hour events allow you to network from the comfort of your own home!

Workforce development organizations not only provide services, but are a space for goal-oriented individuals to come and thrive.

Susquehanna Workforce Network has an abundance of resources available to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to go back to school, find a new job or start your own business, SWN has the resources to set your goals into motion.

Now, put yourself out there and CRUSH your goals!

Top Employee Benefit to Boost Retention in 2022

By: Jessica Fessler

Physical Health Programs and Mental Health Programs were listed as the two most popular employee benefits of 2022, but what are prospective employee’s really looking for in these programs? Beyond standard health insurance, many consumers continue to value supplemental health services. Covid-19 had consumers using their health insurance benefits in record numbers; Consumers increased their intimate knowledge of how these services work in real time. Now, consumers are reevaluating which benefits offer considerable value.

Consumers have become savvier about health insurance in the years since the Affordable Care Act. An influx of cost-comparison tools has made it easier for users to compare employer contribution. Insignificant employer contribution is becoming more apparent. Employers who provide significant employer contributions have a competitive edge, but are still lacking. So what benefit speaks to the health insurance savvy, younger generations?

Three words- Premium Health Services.


Health Reimbursement Accounts are an employer funded health benefit plan that reimburses employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses, in some cases an HRA’s will cover health insurance plan premiums up front. The flexibility of an HRA offers employee’s the opportunity to make more personalized health decisions, including the ability to use premium health services that are not traditionally covered.

Boosted Mental Health Benefits

Due to the pandemic, mental health services are strained. Most emergency assistance programs lack a usable network of providers. Online telemed services are becoming increasingly more popular. Companies such as Ginger, are targeting employers by offering a structured telemed benefit similar to that of Cerebral and other online only mental health services. These services which are traditionally excluded from health insurance coverage, are generally eligible for HRA reimbursement.

Physical Health Programs

Due to Covid-19, consumers are spending more time in the home. Use of traditional health and wellness programs are fleeting. More consumers are leaning towards meal prep services and in-home gym equipment. Off-site health programs and gym equipment stipends will soon replace more traditional avenues of wellness benefits.

Benefit to Employers

The return on your non-traditional investment is simple. With burn-out rates skyrocketing, we’re beginning to see a shift in value. Consumers’ are placing self-care first. Candidates are quick to identify employers who genuinely value employee health and well-being. Demonstrating investment in employee health is not only a recruitment strategy; Development of a healthier workforce will result in higher retention rates.

Does your organization value employee health?

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