Surveys say: Employers leaning more into hiring those with skills versus experience

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An emerging trend is occurring within the jobs sector in the U.S. and abroad: More employers are looking to hire workers based on their skills rather than how much experience they have.

About 45% of companies are adopting a “skills first” approach, a strategy that helps reduce bias, and 33% are replacing resumes as a top gauge with other skills-based assessments.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by HireVue, a video interviewing platform that uses AI-driven software to help companies seek equitable hiring.

“Typically, the traditional way to view a potential employee is through a resume and a vita, but that’s quickly changing,” said Dr. Nathan Mondragon, HireVue’s chief industrial-organizational psychologist. “Those two methods can be limiting in terms of determining someone’s potential and skill set.”

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