Student Job Fair Q&A

We asked, “If your high school was hosting a job fair, what would you want to know beforehand?” You came up with great questions we presented to our experts.

Q. Jake B: “What even is a job fair?”
A: A job fair is an event where several employers gather in one location to talk to many candidates to fill open jobs in their companies.

Q: Becci: “Do I need a résumé?”
A: If you have one, you should bring one. However, it is not required.

Q: Josh J: “What do I wear? Do I have to wear a suit?”
A: At least nice jeans and a collared shirt. No perfume/cologne, loud patterns, or heavy makeup. See the previous blog for the full list of masculine/feminine presenting.

Q: Rhi P: “How do I act?”
A: Make a good first impression by putting your best face forward and smiling. Eye contact is key, as is body language.

Q: Jake J. “What kind of working conditions will there be?”
A: Working conditions can vary from employer to employer. That is a great question to ask recruiters.

Q: Allison H: “How many employers should I talk to?”
A: As many as you can! However, if time is a concern, we recommend you speak to at least 1/3 of the recruiters.

Q: Marty M: “What if I say something dumb?”
A: There is no reason to be nervous. The recruiters want to talk to you and learn about your interests.

Q: Neisa A: “Why should I go?”
A: It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore potential career paths and make connections that could pay off. Plus, spending money for the summer.

Q: Heather W: “How do I even know what to say to an employer?”
A: Start with hello and your name. Be respectful, polite, and yourself. You can read the whole guide in the previous blog.

Q: Tommy M: “How do I talk about a job I’m interested in?”
A: Politely introduce yourself and tell the recruiter which position you’re interested in. They will lead the conversation with questions about you and more information about the job.

Q: Linn A: “Will there be free stuff?”
A: Though we can’t promise anything, job fairs typically offer free goodies and giveaways. This year, SWN is even raffling off Chromebooks.

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