Skipping a Cover Letter & 10 Other Key Résumé-Writing Tips

Young woman wearing glasses holding business document using laptop, hr manager working at home composing e-mail job offer to new open vacancy candidate, typing answer letter after resume consideration

Experts say one of the primary things to know is how to use the right keywords. In our technologically savvy world, many recruiters and HR departments utilize AI to screen potential candidates and those systems tend to scan résumés, choosing ones that have the best keywords (generally gathered from the job description itself) and discarding the others that are not up to par.

“When writing a CV, it’s very important to keep in mind that many companies use ATS [applicant tracking systems] to read through them. In this case, it’s necessary to add specific keywords (found in the job description) throughout your résumé,” said Erika Ianovale, an expert who recently spoke with Newsweek.

Once you have all the right words, there are some best practices for writing your résumé. Here are the top tips to follow, according to experts:

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