Job Interviewing Secrets and Strategies to Get Hired

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The job interviewing process has changed a lot in recent years. If you’re heading into an interview hoping to land a new job, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have solid answers ready for the difficult questions you’ll likely be asked.

The hiring process is moving quickly, with many employers making job offers faster in an attempt to address talent shortages. At the same time, candidates often are interviewing with more than one company simultaneously. With so many unfilled positions, employers know that if the interviewing and vetting process takes too long, candidates will accept new jobs elsewhere.

“Employers realize that they need to be more flexible now [since] the labor market is so tight,” said Lizzie Rahm, SHRM-SCP, senior HR manager at Clark Nuber, a public accounting firm in Bellevue, Wash. “As a job candidate, this change allows you more professional options than ever before.”

Interviewing schedules are being tightened up, so expect to have multiple interviews stacked very tightly with key players, usually over one day, whether in person or virtually. Each interview typically is about 30 minutes, with the entire process often completed in just a week and an offer coming (or not) within days after the last interview. Some employers are making job offers just hours after completing the final interview.

Never assume that the interviews will be easy. On the contrary, they’ve become harder as employers are taking extra precautions, especially when they meet with candidates online only. Questions are different, challenging, and designed to accurately decipher your skills and personality.

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