Is On-the-Job-Training Killing Your Organization’s Potential? Here’s What You Need to Know.

The manager leader team is assignmenting job, training for technicians, supervisor, engineers In the morning meeting before work which everyone wear masks to prevent the coronavirus and safety working

On-the-job training is a common practice, regardless of how many employees work in an organization. As human beings, we naturally observe and model the behavior of those around us, especially when their behavior aligns with compensation, promotion and cultural norms. The not-so-secret secret of on-the-job training is that it relies on top performers to teach when they could or should be performing revenue-generating tasks. Relying on top performers to deliver training also limits the scope of skills exposure to what a top performer is willing or able to share. Not every expert is conscious of their own competencies or actions that help them achieve consistent success, nor is every expert a good instructor. The reality is that on-the-job training is inefficient, not standardized, unreliable and very hard to scale.

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