Here’s How To Hunt For A Job Before (And After) The Recession Hits

recession and inflation after the Covid-19 pandemic conceptual image, hand holding Recession text in front of stacks of coins with fairy lights in the background

If you’re paying attention to the economic news these days, you know that things are more uncertain than ever. The odds of the economy slipping into a recession seem to increase by the day. While job openings remain at near record highs, recent layoffs and hiring freezes by big name companies like Meta, Peloton and The Gap have created additional anxiety, especially among people seeking new jobs.

According to a Joblist survey from June 2022, 60% of job seekers feel a sense of urgency to find a job now before market conditions change for the worse, while 49% of those looking for work also think the job market is going to get worse in the next six months.

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