Global Talent Trends Report: Job Seekers Name These As Their Top 5 Priorities

Job recruiting advertisement represented by 'JOIN OUR TEAM' texts on the chairs. One chair is colored differently to represent the hiring position to be recruited and filled.

In its newly released Global Talent Trends Report, professional social network platform LinkedIn shared its data-driven insights into the changing world of work.

And the outlook for job seekers isn’t great.

In a sample of 14 countries, hiring rates decreased over the past year, with the U.S. down 13% since last September. In addition, the report stated that workers are bracing for an economic downturn, with U.S. employees’ and job candidates’ confidence down in their ability to improve their financial situation.

Not surprisingly, the report said candidates consider compensation and benefits their top priority. However, they also highly value three pandemic-fueled priorities: work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and upskilling. And with increasing job market uncertainty, opportunities to grow at their current company made the top five.

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