Don’t forget this key section of your resume—it’s your first chance to impress hiring managers

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As jobseekers scour jobsites for potential relevant openings, it behooves them to apply to as many positions as possible. Of the applicants who send out their resume 1 to 10 times, only 12.6% book 3 to 7 interviews, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But of the applicants who send out their resume 21 to 80 times, 33.4% book the same amount.

Of course, in order to get considered for any role, it’s key to write a powerful resume that meets the requirements of the job. One thing that can help make the case for why you’re a good fit is the summary, written at the top of the page just under your name and contact info.

“There are so many challenges when it comes to putting together who you are, what you do best on a piece of paper,” says Octavia Goredema, career coach and author of “Prep, Push, Pivot.” “But the resume summary is the one standout opportunity that you have to demonstrate what makes you a strong candidate.”

Here’s how career experts recommend you go about writing it.

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