Strategic Workforce System Priorities

The Susquehanna Workforce Network has a long history of collaborative and regional efforts focused strategically to address business and industry needs.

Our Focus & Objectives

SWN has a 35-year history of collaborative and regional efforts addressing business and industry needs.  Through a variety of Federal, State, Local and Private resources, SWN manages and administers programs that help businesses grow and provides employment opportunity for area residents including youth, adults, dislocated worker and various disenfranchised populations. SWN Business Services operations assist the business community attract, retain and develop their workforce. The Susquehanna Workforce Centers assist residents in achieving their career and employment goals. SWN’s Youth Services connect the emerging workforce to entry level employment opportunities and funds services to specialized populations. 

The Susquehanna Workforce Network and our collaborative partners strategic focus areas include: 

  • Addressing the workforce development needs of the business and government communities 
  • Supporting a workforce development system that produces an educated and highly-skilled workforce 
  • Promoting and enhancing a labor market system that provides job seekers, incumbent workers, students, out-of-school youth and business with valuable information and assistance  
  • Creating a broader awareness of the region’s workforce development assets 
  • Promoting industry recognized certifications and credentials linked to demand occupations 
  • Encouraging industry or sector partnerships and career pathway strategies 

Objectives to enhancing the Workforce Development System include:  

Objective 1:  Facilitate growth of a comprehensive workforce development system in Cecil and Harford Counties based on collaborative planning and integrated service delivery to businesses and job seekers. 

Objective 2: Implement customer centered services by expediting service delivery through the elimination of redundant service documentation and individualized assessments. 

Objective 3: Reduce financial inefficiencies through system partner collaborations. 

Objective 4: Ensure trainings, the development of career clusters and sector strategies are based on labor market data and economic projections. 

Objective 5: Promote a governance system focused on comprehensive planning, continuous improvement and accountability. 

2020 Board Committees  

Economic Competitiveness
Provides insight and information on programs being developed to help train current and future workforce to meet perceived short and long term employment needs of area businesses. 

Business Engagement
Ensure close coordination with Economic Development and area businesses; evaluate and expand services as needed; promote resources of system partners. 

Maintain a financially sound and fiscally responsible workforce investment system. 

Resource, Development, & Advocacy
Increase financial resources for SWN; increasing awareness of agency impact and capabilities; explore resource opportunities. 

Youth Committee
Provide recommendations for WDB on youth policy and initiatives. 
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