3 terms you should always have on your resume to target what ‘every organization cares about’

Businessman or HR Manager is reviewing Resume information and paper note with resume writing tips.

When it comes to resumes, there are plenty of faux-pas. Don’t include self-assessments like “detail-oriented” or “hardworking,” for example. Don’t included outdated experience. Don’t use words like “responsible for,” which aren’t very powerful ways of describing what you did on a job.

But there are also words and phrases that you’ll definitely want to include to get that recruiter or hiring manager to move you along in the process.

“I think of writing a good resume as kind of like search engine optimization for websites,” says Gorick Ng, Harvard career adviser and author of “The Unspoken Rules,” about his approach.

When websites write content, they think of relevant terms or phrases that will help search engines like Google take note of their existence. “You’re trying to give as many relevant keywords as possible so that it gets surfaced, whether it’s by a machine or by an individual’s eye.”

Here are three terms to include on your resume, according to career experts.

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