Virtual Defense, Technology, Intelligence Information & Career Fair

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Fuel their future. Unleash their potential. Lead them to success.

We are excited about helping high school and college students take their first professional leap into the world of Defense, Technology, and Intelligence (DTI). The virtual DTI Information & Career Fair for young talent is on January 9th, 2022, from 2 – 4 PM.

Why Participate?

Your child is diligently pursuing a Computer Science or Engineering career, developing the technical skills needed to innovate, disrupt, and lead. Now, it’s time to connect them with established corporations and cutting-edge startups willing to guide them in applying these skills to solve existential problems in Defense Technology and Intelligence Information.

This exclusive information and career fair is designed for students studying in these prominent fields to discover many career opportunities that embrace their passion and talents. This fair will enable your child to network with industry experts, learn about respective fields, and secure internship/job offers.

What to Expect?

  • 1-on-1 sessions with top defense, technology, and intelligence information corporations representatives.
  • Opportunity to secure job and internship offers

How to Prepare?

Encourage your aspiring Computer Scientist or Engineer to update their resume, list down queries they would like to ask, and start brainstorming on their “Tell Me About Yourself” pitch.

How to Join?

Participation in the Defense, Technology, Intelligence Information & Career Fair is as simple as clicking a mouse. Register today and help your child leap into their future career.

Become a part of your child’s journey into their glittering future. Secure their place in our Virtual Information and Career Fair today and help them unlock exciting new Defense, Technology, and Intelligence possibilities.

Sliding into a Fulfilling Career: Harnessing Your Passion for Meaningful Work: National Career Development Month 2023

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Hey there, Career Chasers!

We all seek a career that provides a steady paycheck and satisfies our intrinsic needs. Experiencing that fire in your belly and doing what strikes a chord with your inner self is part of the exciting journey to a fulfilled career. As we mark the end of National Career Development Month 2023, now’s the time to delve into how we shape purposeful and satisfying careers!

Step into the Shoes of Meaningful Work

Meaningful work isn’t just fancy office titles. It’s a role that harmonizes with your deepest passions and mirrors your core principles—providing that sweet spot in a satisfying career trek. Puzzling over how to land such work? Fear not; we’ve got your back!

Fan the Flames of Your Passion

Passion is your career compass. It’s about what makes your heart beat faster—be it a cause, an activity, or a sector. These are the clues to your meaningful career puzzle.

Anchor Your Values

Every individual has a unique set of principles that guide their life. These might be traits like honesty, creativity, or collaboration. Weaving your job around these values imparts a deep sense of direction to your work life.

Tap into the Power of Right Resources

This is where we at Susquehanna Workforce Network come in! We provide a suite of services such as career counseling, skill development programs, and job matching– all geared towards paving the way for your passion and values to meet ample career opportunities. We’re your career cheerleaders, all set to back you on your journey!

Remember, you’re entitled to a job that sparks joy and purpose. Use National Career Development Month 2023 as your launching pad to chart a course towards meaningful work and assemble passion and purpose in your work life.

Stay brave and aim for fulfillment, buddies. Your expedition to purposeful work is just setting off, and we’ll be on the sidelines rooting for you every step of the way! Go forth and conquer your career world!

Professional Growth and Goal-Setting: Highlights of National Career Development Month 2023

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Greetings, Champions of Change!

Hey there, Groundbreakers!

National Career Development Month 2023 is in full swing, and we’re jazzed up to shine the spotlight on professional growth and the magic of goal-setting. This dynamic duo helps turn job seekers into job-getters. They’re the stepping stones on your path, leading you to success.

The Lead Role of Growth

Picture this — you’re starring in the movie of your own career. What role does growth play? Could it be the thrilling plot twist of a promotion? Or maybe it’s a new, exciting skill you master to add depth to your character. Regardless of how it looks, growth is a clear signpost that you’re on the move, evolving and succeeding. So, let’s take a breather and give ourselves a hand for the growth we’ve experienced on our career journeys!

Goals: The Compass of Your Career

Now, meet your reliable friend on this voyage – goal-setting. Goals are the compass and the map, leading us in the right direction. They mark our milestones and guide our steps. Maybe your dream is to become a team leader in two years. What a stellar goal! You can start your journey towards it right this moment.

Marrying Growth and Goals: A Perfect Pair

Like peanut butter and jelly, growth and goals go hand in hand. Imagine this: you set a goal to master a new skill. You work hard, learn, and eventually earn certification or seize a new project. Voilá! You’ve morphed your goal into an accomplishment, turning growth into tangible triumph!

Remember, the pace of your career journey should match your rhythm, not anyone else’s. So, keep setting those goals, growing, and shining your special light.

During National Career Development Month 2023, soak up the inspiration from the tales of professional growth around you. Let your goals fuel your journey, propelling you towards a bright and booming career.

Stay pumped, pioneers. Your march to professional magnificence has just begun!

How to Choose the Right Career: Key Resources for National Career Development Month 2023

Hello, aspirational professionals!

Picking a suitable career can sometimes be like cracking an intricate brain teaser. Correct pieces must slot into precise places to form a clear portrait. As we celebrate National Career Development Month 2023, we’ll help you collect these critical pieces of your puzzle!

Step 1: Harness the Power of Job Posting Websites

Websites like LinkedIn and Indeed are akin to a gold mine for those seeking job opportunities. They host a range of positions in varied sectors, complete with comprehensive job descriptions. It’s like having a window-shopping experience in the job market!

Step 2: Bridge Skill Gaps with Online Courses

Platforms such as Coursera and Skillshare can prove invaluable in filling any potential skill deficits. With many courses on data analytics, communication skills, and more, learning new skills has never been easier at this knowledge buffet!

Step 3: Seek Support from Career Counselors

Considering the guidance of professional career counselors can also be an excellent move. These experts can discern your capabilities and interests and guide you towards the ideal career roles – like personal tour guides through the vast career landscape.

Step 4: Expand Your Network

Probably one of the most inspiring resources to leverage is networking. Building connections with peers, mentors, and industry professionals can offer insights into various roles and industries, helping shape your ultimate career trajectory.

Remember, the primary objective of National Career Development Month 2023 is to assist you in plotting your career voyage. Embrace these resources, approach with an open mindset, and begin assembling your career puzzle!

Stay motivated, go-getters. Your perfect career path is hidden within these resources, ready to be discovered!