15th Annual Cecil County Job Fair


Susquehanna Workforce Network Announces 15th Annual Cecil County Job Fair




Susquehanna Workforce Network announces the launch of the 15th Annual Cecil County Job Fair. The event which previously ran successively is back after a 2 year hiatus due to Covid-19. Susquehanna Workforce Network will partner with the Cecil County Office of Economic Development and Cecil Business Resource Partners to bring the event back to Singerly Fire Company Banquet Hall. The event, which takes place on May 12th, will run from 12pm – 4pm.

Due to Covid-19 the event did not run in 2020 or 2021. Given the need for recruitment post pandemic, this event will be free for businesses to register and attend. The event is poised to bring over 50 employers to the Singerly Fire Company at 300 Newark Road in Elkton, making it the largest job fair in Cecil County.

Employers will meet with hopefuls who are looking to make a career transition or who are looking to reenter the workforce. Businesses will be utilizing aggressive tactics to secure talent, including non-traditional hiring methods. While not all employers apprise our organization with the details of their hiring strategies, it is likely some will be making offers on the spot.

SWN anticipates the release of a full list of employer’s one week prior to the event. Leading up to the event, Susquehanna Workforce Network will have two workforce center locations open and available for jobseekers to assist with résumé preparation and interview skills. Limited additional assistance will be available to jobseekers on-site.

The 15th Annual Cecil County Job Fair will always be free to attend for all jobseekers.

Registration Details

Jobseeker Registration


Pre-registration is recommended.

Registration for jobseekers will be available on-site.

View the full list of employers below. For open positions, Click Here

Thank you & See You There!

Help, Gas Prices Are Eating My Paycheck!

How to navigate your career with rising gas prices

By: Jessica Fessler

With gas prices soaring, your commute to work just got a lot more expensive. Susquehanna Workforce Network is here to help you navigate your career during this period of uncertainty.

In 2021, gas prices in the Susquehanna region were on average ~ $2.40/ Gallon. To fill up your average 12 gallon tank, it was costing consumers anywhere between $25-$30. Fast forward to now- the cost of commuting has doubled. If you fill up regularly, you’re well aware of how quickly that can add up and eat into your bottom line.

Commuters with salary ranges under $50,000 will be hurt the most by rising gas prices. Commuters in this salary range will see their bottom line drop more than 10%. So what’s a commuter to do?

If a cost of living adjustment is not possible, ask your employer for flexible working arrangements. However, the ability to work remotely may not be feasible when you consider other factors. If this is the case, it might be time to consider a career transition that will allow you to work closer to home.

First- Determine Your Budget

Take a deep dive into your finances. How much is it costing you, bi-weekly to commute to work? How much are you able to afford at your current salary? Use your current salary to gage the percentage of your income spent commuting, including tolls (We’re looking at you, EZ-Pass).

Know Your Worth

Now that you know how much you’re spending to get paid, evaluate your options. A career transition doesn’t have to be a lateral move. Look at salary ranges that include your current salary & magic gas number on the lower end of the salary range. This will help guarantee that the position(s) you invest your time applying to will meet your needs.

Review Your Job Function & Industry

All skills are transferable! Let’s use an administrative assistant as an example. While organizational skills and interpersonal skills may lead the charge in terms of ability, you might be lacking industry experience. Don’t let industry experience disqualify you. An admin assistant position in healthcare will require a different base knowledge than an admin position in construction. These details can be make or break your resume when compared with candidates who already work in that field.

Susquehanna Workforce Network works with a variety of education providers to design industry specific courses. These no-cost job training opportunities will provide you with the industry specific knowledge you need to bolster your resume.  

Are you a commuter effected by the recent increase in gas prices?

Our Career Coaches offer assistance to those with barriers to employment in addition to job placement services. 410-996-0550 or 410-272-5400

Get Hired On the Spot

10 Tips to Make Your Next Job Fair Successful

By: Jessica Fessler

If you’re planning to attend a job fair, PLAN. Don’t waste an opportunity due to lack of preparedness. Get hired on the spot with these tips, curated by our career coaches.

#1 Dress Professionally

This is your first opportunity to make a good impression. If you’re not sure what attire is appropriate, it is always safe to overdress. While business casual is recommended, keep in mind the positions you’re applying for. If styled appropriately, jeans are an acceptable option for a job fair. Pair with a blazer for a modern business casual look, sure to impress your future employer.

#2 Plan to Attend Early

The early bird gets the worm. Meet with employers first before other candidates have the opportunity to meet with them. This could give you the competitive advantage. Some employers choose to leave job fairs early, or put forth little effort after they’ve met with candidates that they feel are a good fit. Don’t jeopardize your chance by underestimating the competition.

#3 Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Employers will only have a few minutes to talk with you. Prepare what you plan to say in advance. Mention your occupation / industry or start with the title of the position that you’re looking for. Provide a brief synopsis of your experience and skills and demonstrate the value you bring to the table. How do you demonstrate value?

Answer these questions- What can you provide to employers that will benefit them? Are you a self-starter that requires little supervision to complete tasks? Do you have specialized training? Are you a creative thinker, able to solve problems quickly?

#4 Do Your Research

Research the company in advance. Scour their website and appear knowledgeable about the company. Recruiters are looking to hire someone who has done their research.

#5 Ask Questions

While it’s important to answer a recruiter’s questions, it’s equally important to ask your own. A common mistake is not asking follow up questions. Follow up questions show that you’re an active listener and are engaged. Nobody likes a one-sided conversation. Prepare your questions in advance. A great way to get to know employers is to ask about company culture.

#6 Apply for the Position in Advance

Applying to the position before attending a job fair is a great way to get your application reviewed quicker. Make it easy for employers to hire you. Provide them with everything they need to make a decision or grant you an interview in advance. Use the job fair as an opportunity to put a face to a name.

#7 Bring Multiple Copies of Your Resume

It’s a great idea to bring multiple copies of your resume, even if you’re only interested in one particular employer. Having a digital copy on hand is a must-do! You never know what you might come across at a job fair. Be open to all opportunities.

#8 Ask About the Hiring Process

Ask the recruiter about the next steps. All companies hire differently. Some may have extensive interview processes. Ask about their hiring process so that you can align your expectations.

#9 Thank the Recruiter

Thank the recruiter for their time. Show genuine appreciation for their effort. Provide a compliment and restate your intentions. Your exit is as important as your entrance, leave them with a great impression.

#10 Follow-Up

A strong follow up can make or break a recruiter’s decision. Those who engage with the recruiter and show continued interest overshadow candidates who don’t follow up. Send a thank you email within 24 hours of meeting with a recruiter. In that email, reiterate why you’re a great candidate for the position. As you navigate the hiring process, remember to send thank you emails to anyone who helps facilitate the process. It can be short and sweet, but the administrative assistant who coordinated your interview will appreciate you thanking them for their efforts and your extra effort will be noticed.