On-Site Work Environments & Early Career Professional Development

By: Jessica Fessler

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Remote work has its advantages, but have you considered the advantages of working in person?

Not all candidates are equipped with skills that are needed to make them successful in a remote position. Email tone, Zoom etiquette and relationship building are all skills that can be fine-tuned overtime. So what are the benefits of acquiring these skills on-site, as opposed to virtually?  

Body Language

Candidates who have successfully navigated in-person interactions appear more poised and professional online.

What is and is not acceptable banter in the workplace is more or less something that is observed overtime. Culture varies from institution to institution, but it’s safe to say that each industry sets its own standards. While generic onboarding video’s touch on appropriate workplace communication, the facet it lacks is putting it into practice.

Remote work leads in efficiency. Overly efficient environments leave entry-level and mid-career candidates struggling to build their conversational skills- including practicing appropriate body language.

The ability to read, write and decipher emails while eliminating tone is important- but what happens when you can’t?

Normally one would default to analyzing the recipient’s body language or other non-verbal ques. There is much to be said about how tone translates into text & seasoned candidates know that observing body language and non-verbal ques help to fill in the gaps.

Opportunities Exist Spontaneously

Face to face interactions still have an advantage over digital check-ins. Spontaneous interactions lead to spontaneous opportunities. Spontaneity is seldom when your day consists of doing laundry in between your zoom meetings.  

#SWN works heavily with employers and job seekers to understand what qualities make candidates successful. Beyond communication skills, remote work requires the ability to be a self-starter. Collaborative environments provide subtle motivation that your pets & relatives lack. Remote life can provide for ideal work-life balance, but there is a catch.

What happens when the work starts piling up?

It’s 9pm on a Wednesday and earlier you stepped away from your desk to run an errand. Now you’re faced with making up the work or losing sleep. Tomorrow comes, and you’re exhausted. You overlook important details for an assignment & get scolded by your boss.

Set hours help to facilitate good time management. While it may not appear to be convenient at first, this fail safe measure is in place to assist those early on in their career to perfect their time management skills.

Do you have the skills needed to be successful in the virtual world?

#TrustSWN #FosteringCareers


Career Training : NCCER Welding – Level I

This welding program is based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum and will provide each student with basic knowledge and skills to become an entry-level welder. Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn Certificate of Completion for NCCER Welding – Level 1, NCCER wallet card, and their credentials entered in the NCCER Registry.

Pre-requisite: Students must successfully complete the Basic Construction Skills course before taking this program. In addition, students must meet with a Program Specialist to enroll in this program.

Module I

The first of five modules covers an introduction in welding safety, oxyfuel cutting plasma arc cutting, and air carbon arc cutting and gauging.

Module II

This module covers base metal preparation, weld quality, SMAW equipment and setup, and SMAW beads and fillet welds.

Module III

This module continues an introduction to SMAW beads and fillet welds.

Module IV

This module covers SMAW grove welds.

Module V

This module introduces students to SMAW open root groove welds.


Classes Start September 12th, 2022

Class Schedule TBD

For more details call the Susquehanna Workforce Center- Harford County at 410-272-5400

Remote, Virtual, & Work From Home Jobs

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